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     Wynndale Presbyterian Church began with a home prayer meeting and Sunday School in the home of J.M. Brewer on July 30, 1952. The Church was organized as a Presbyterian Church in the United States on October 5, 1952. In 1973 it became a part of the Presbyterian Church in America.

      The present church building was erected on land donated by Mr. and Mrs. John T. Gober. The first service in the new building was conducted by the Rev. W.A. Hall on Easter Sunday, April 5, 1953. As the membership grew, a building extension was added embracing Sunday School rooms, a pastor's study, a fellowship hall, and a kitchen.

     We enjoy and love one another as family, living our time on this earth worshiping and studying the Word Of God. We love our church family, helping one another, and enjoying our fellowship with one another as we live a Christian life enjoying the blessing of our Heavenly Father every day. We strive to be of service to one another, our community, and the world.

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